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Looking for Foreign Students to help teach in Global Citizenship Course for Fall
2016-10-07 19:56:44
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Looking for Foreign Students to help teach
in Global Citizenship Course for Fall Semester, 2016
The Humanity Education Team is looking for Foreign Students who can help teach ‘Global Citizenship’ to Korean Students at Keimyung University.
󰡐Global Citizenship󰡑 is a mandatory liberal arts course that teaches humanities for freshmen.
The purpose of this course is to learn basic virtues and knowledge of global citizens with the
aim for harmony of mankind and of common good.

If you are interested, please check out the information below.
○ Period of Activity: November 15(Tue.) ~ December 7(Weds.), 2016
※ Class will be held once a week(75min.) over a period of three times/weeks,
and you can apply to attend in more than one class.
○ Details of Activity
Time Topic Activity
1st time Hang out with global friends ․ Introduce yourself and own country(ex. Language,
History, Culture and so on).
․ Share various experiences in Korea(include life at
Keimyung University).
2nd time Harmony
solution Ⅰ
․ Discuss and Share about global issues,
and Try to find a solution with the other students.
․ Make a song lyrics about global issues‘ solution
and sing together.
3rd time Harmony
solution Ⅱ
Cost of Activity: 19,500won(KRW) per each class
※ Each class have 3 times activities(ex. 1 class: 6,500won × 3 times = 19,500won)
1. Application period
: September 1(Thur.) ~ November 4(Fri.) 5pm, 2016 [★Please keep the deadline]
2. Eligibility requirement
a. Foreign students(include undergraduate and graduate) of Keimyung University

(※ Except Exchange students because of VISA Type)
b. Applicants must speak English or Korean(※ Not to be perfect)
c. Applicants must hold a VISA that allows part-time work

3. Required documents
a. Application form(Check the attached file.)
b. Marked class schedule to check your available time on it in this semester
c. Grade certificate last semester
4. How to apply
a. Fill out the attached application form and print out
b. Print out your class schedule from EDWARD System
and mark your available time on it
c. Visit the administrative office of your college and request your grade certificate to print.
d. Submit three documents(a, b, c) to Humanity Education Team in person [Shattuck Hall #107]
※ Administration working hours: 8:30 ~ 17:30 [Lunch time: 12:00 ~ 13:00]
5. We will announce the result through a text message individually.
6. If you have any questions, please ask directly
: Humanity Education Team(Shattuck Hall #107, ☎580-5983)
2016. 9.
Keimyung Humanity Education Institute
  • Web masterCenter for International Affairs Administration Team
  • Tel+82-53-580-6023

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