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Keimyung University Wins Korean Educational Donation Grand Award
2023-05-11 10:16:39
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Keimyung University, Contribution to Society Through Educational Donations Recognized, Wins Korean Educational Donation Grand Award

- Keimyung University Wins “Korean Educational Donation Award” at the “11th 2022 Korean Educational
  Donation Fair”
- It is Recognized for its Deeds in Contributing to the Community Through Educational Donation Activities,
  The Second Time to Receive the Honor After First Time in 2019
- Keimyung University as a University that Grows Together With and Contributes to the Community

  Keimyung University received the grand prize at the “11th 2022 Korean Educational Donation Fair” hosted by the Ministry of Education in recognition of its deeds in contributing to the community through educational donation activities. The “Korean Educational Donation Award” is an award given to outstanding institutions, organizations and individuals that have contributed the most to the revitalization of educational donations, it is a deputy prime minister and education minister’s ministerial award awarded to boost the confidence of the organization in question. Organizations that have made efforts in the expansion of and in raising awareness of educational donations are selected annually based on the aptness and levels of contribution of their educational donation programs, the value of the educational donation resources, the possibility of sustainability of the educational donations etc.

  Keimyung university established an educational donation and social volunteer policy in line with its founding philosophy and educational goals starting with international volunteer activities in 2002, it has been contributing to society through developing and funding various educational donation programs such as the Extended University Projects(EUP) and mentoring services, educational donations targeting the underprivileged etc. Among the core educational donations driving strategies there is, ▲ fortifying everyday volunteer activities and character building education through educational donations ▲ contributing to society and volunteering done together with neighbors and educational donations ▲ setting up international educational donations through international volunteering that fosters a sense of responsibility in global citizens- and to detail the social volunteer education and activities and the execution of each of the strategies, ‘K-OASIS Keimyung Caritas’ under the patronage of the president is being set up. Furthermore, the university has been contributing to the community by formulating 26 teams by department(major) in five categories through the University Innovation Support Project for regional partnership growth and educational gap elimination etc., the university planned and set up the regional innovation programs and established the foundation for EUP, the growth in the spirit of the humanities and arts, support for multicultural and vulnerable communities, supporting elementary and middle school education, improving the local environment, running volunteer groups etc. using its human resource expertise and infrastructure.

  In fact, it has also done a lot, starting with the ‘Keimyung El Systema’ which provided basic music education to multicultural low income students and even collaborated with orchestras, Korean language and Korean culture education targeting marriage immigrants and multicultural family children, local elementary schools children English mentoring programs, and also showing the importance and usefulness of the manufacture of advanced materials to local elementary school children through the advanced materials experience classrooms. Apart from this, Keimyung University is also carrying out various educational donation programs such as ▲ the Covid 19 Giving Hope Campaign, KMU-CCAP culture classroom done together with foreign students, ▲ Sang-sang Dongsan Comic book making program, ▲ regional partnership volunteer activities etc.

  Keimyung University, with the mindset that societal commitment in the past and the present has been ‘volunteering’ and that societal commitment for the future is innovation, is of the belief that universities must be ardently devoted to the future of society. The responsibility accorded to universities such as education, research, has been defined under the mission of service to higher education, but lately it has surpassed such a passive concept of ‘service’ since ‘social innovation’ that creates new value through connections with the university’s social responsibilities is now recognized as an extended concept of service. Lately, through the introduction of ESG criteria, the university is showing vibrant action towards being born again as a university that contributes and grows together with society. 

  The president of Keimyung University, Dr. Shin Ilhi made the following remarks “It is an honor to receive the Korean Educational Donation award. Universities have always been in the community. But now it is the time where they should not stop on just existing, but through communication and engagement with the community to grow more and progress together.”, and “ I will serve the role of reviving Keimyung University’s resources and capabilities to share with the community, and through joint efforts with the community, help society innovate, and thus grow more together.”
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