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Receive Honorary Doctorate by Kyrgyz National University
International Affairs Team
2022-07-20 15:22:57
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President of Keimyung University was awarded an honorary doctorate by Kyrgyz National University

- Prof. Synn Ilhi, President of Keimyung University, was invited to the Kyrgyz National University 90th
  anniversary ceremony held on Tuesday, 31 May and was awarded an honorary doctorate

- This was in appreciation of his efforts in academic exchanges and voluntary work in the Kyrgyz Republic to
   improve relations between the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Korea since 2014

  President of Keimyung University received an honorary doctorate from Kyrgyz National University. Prof. Synn was invited to the 90th anniversary of Kyrgyz National University ceremony held on 31 May in recognition of his contributions to academic exchanges, nurturing talent in ICT etc.- efforts that helped relations between both the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Korea.
  Keimyung University has put a lot of effort into developments in education in the Kyrgyz Republic since 2014, when its 115th anniversary ceremonial volunteer work was done in the Kyrgyz Republic. In 2018, Keimyung University through the “Keimyung 1% Love Sharing”, fundraised funds for the installation of a broadcasting studio for training, and for acquisition of educational equipment for Kyrgyz National University. Since the fund raise, the Dongsan Research Foundation has provided scholarships to excellent students in financial need for livelihood assistance. The university also supplied 9,000 masks to Kyrgyz National University during the serious COVID-19 outbreak in 2021. Moreover, the university in association with the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Kyrgyz Republic, provided various educational equipment to the university. Keimyung University was selected as an international cooperation agency for a project named “New Wind Happiness Sharing” in Gyeongsangbuk-do and it co-hosted the ICT international forum together with Kyrgyz National University. High-end computers were donated as part of the efforts to help students improve their ICT skills.
  President Synn Ilhi said “I sincerely congratulate Kyrgyz National University for its 90th anniversary and I am honored to receive the honorary doctorate from such a meaningful place.”
“I am well aware that the honorary doctorate is given to President of Keimyung University as a representative. The degree will be a valuable asset from now on. Hopefully, vibrant interchange will continue, not only between the two universities, but also between the two countries.”, he said in his acceptance speech.
  President Synn Ilhi’s efforts have contributed to projects related to the area of Silkroad Central Asia studies within Gyeongsangbuk-do, since opening “Academia Via Serica” in 2014. For these efforts, he was nominated as an honorary member of the National Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan by the final approval of the President of Uzbekistan. President Synn has had many active interactions with central Asia, for instance, by promoting the department of Russian Language and Literature to the department of Russian and Central Asian Studies, and by expanding the number of freshmen for the department.

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