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Opening the Light to the WorldKeimyung Adams College

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Keimyung Adams College (KAC) is a distinctively specialized program which provides collegiate studies in English to cultivate students equipped with communication skills, a management mindset and international leadership expertise. KAC produces professionals with specific knowledge of their majors expertise for problem-solving in international societies, and a positive, adventurous spirit.

  • Department of International Business
  • Department of International Relations


As the third international college in Korea providing all courses in English, KAC established the majors of International Business and International Relations in 2007 and the major of Microsoft Information Technology in 2008 to produce potential global leaders with high levels of professionalism. Through additional agreements, KAC has opened dual-degree courses with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, a prestigious North American university in 2009.

Educational Objectives

  • To foster international professionals who have an appreciation for diversity
  • To cultivate international intellectuals who understand the complexities of the world
  • To nurture ethical leaders who have the ability and willingness to serve their neighbors


The International Education Center, where KAC is located, was built in 2007, and among its various facilities are a PC lab, an MSIT PC lab, numerous study rooms, and a room for the Student Leadership Association. All classrooms in KAC are also equipped with multimedia systems.

Administration Office

  • Telephone : 053)580-6502~3
  • Location : Room 126, the International Education Center
    Faculty/Department Office Curriculum Info Faculty members
    Department of International Business 053)580-6514 Curriculum Faculty members
    Department of International Relations 053)580-6515 Curriculum Faculty members
  • Web masterCollege of Social Science·KAC Administration Team
  • Tel+82-53-580-6502

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